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COVID-19 update webinar April 8th

The supporting materials from our second webinar from Wednesday 8th April are now available and can be downloaded using the links below:

COVID-19 update webinar March 25th

The recording of the webinar from Wednesday 25th March is now available. We have collated all responses from attendees who shared some brilliant tips about what has worked well so far. You can read the transcript from the webinar here.

Below is a summary of currently available free resources. For more information about these resources and their availability, please refer to the presentation from the webinar or the specific websites below.

In a change to our regular webinar schedule, we have added an additional webinar on Wednesday 8th April at 2pm. This webinar will provide a space to share advice and concerns with colleagues, and update each other on what is going well. You won’t need to register for the webinar, simply join the room from 1.45pm. We will send out a reminder closer to the time.

Summary of available resources

Digital resources

Jisc FE resources

Other publishers

The availability of these resources is temporary, although many publishers have indicated that their free periods may be extended following ongoing monitoring of the situation. For more information, please refer to the individual publisher’s website.

Advice and guidance

If you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch with us at

By Helen Foster

Open access support coordinator

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