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Vocational Learning Resources February Newsletter

Welcome to the February issue of our Vocational Learning Resources newsletter. We hope you are making the most of the current free access period and that staff and students are benefiting from access to high quality, interactive and engaging resources. This month, we have a reminder about accessing our resources, a recap from our recent teaching practitioner support webinar series and an update on Digifest 2021.

Accessing our Vocational Learning Resources

All Jisc members should now be able to access the resources by selecting the name of their organisation from the dropdown list and then logging in with their college credentials.

Please note that in order to access the resources, you will need an authenticated log in set up, using Shibboleth or OpenAthens for example. If you’re having trouble accessing the resources, please do let us know by contacting

Teaching Practitioner Support webinars

Thank you to everyone who joined our recent teaching practitioner support webinars on using our Vocational Learning Resources. We hope you found them useful and that they help you make the most of this current free access period.

At the end of the webinars, we invited attendees to ask any questions they might have about our resources. Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions ones:

How long is the free access period?

Our free access period lasts until 31st July 2021. We will also send out reminders about when the free access period ends closer to the time and we’ll provide you with next steps if you wish to continue using the resources.

Can the resources be used during an online session with multiple users?

Yes, multiple users can access the resources at the same time.

Are the resources available bilingually (e.g. Welsh/English)?

Our resources are by default in English. However, where possible transcripts have been provided in Word document format, these materials can be adapted and automatically translated and the websites have been coded to be compatible with screen readers, which will enable translation plugins to change the menus and resource page text.

For more information, please check out our Language Translations page on our Support site.

Is it possible for an organisation to get data on usage?

Yes, we are able to provide log in statistics for VLR usage for each college. Although we can’t break this down to individual student data, we are able to let you know how many people have accessed each service area from your organisation. These stats are available on the first of every month and cover the preceding month’s usage (e.g. on 1st March, we can give you the usage statistics for February). You can get these by contacting us by email at

If you missed our webinars and would like to catch up, here are links to two of the webinars we recorded. Both have the same presentation content but cover different services in the demonstration section:

Webinar 1 includes a demo on Education and Childcare (with a brief look at Digital and IT)

Webinar 2 includes a Construction (with a brief look at Digital and IT and Education and Childcare)

Digifest 2021: free and open to all members

Digifest, the UK’s leading edtech conference, is now open to all members, free of charge.

After an incredibly tough 12 months for everyone in education, this will be a great opportunity for the community to come together to share expertise, best practice and inspiration and Jisc want to make it easier for individuals to take part in four days of fantastic CPD-accredited discussion and debate.

This year, Digifest 2021 will focus on learning and teaching and libraries and each day will focus on one of four event themes:

  • Day one: reframing the student experience
  • Day two: tomorrow’s technology in today’s education
  • Day three: digital leadership
  • Day four: culture and resilience

To learn more about the Digifest 2021 programme, click here

Interested in attending? Click here to find out more and book your place.

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