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Vocational Learning Resources June Newsletter

Welcome to the June issue of the Vocational Learning Resources newsletter. This month, we have a reminder about accessing the VLRs after 31st July 2021, an update on our monthly top users section and our top 10 most used resources during the free access period so far.

Reminder about VLRs in core subscription

As we mentioned in our previous newsletter, Jisc’s Vocational Learning Resources will be part of the core FE subscription next academic year, meaning that colleges will not need to pay an additional subscription fee in order to access them.

However, please remember that the current free access period we set up for the resources ends on 31st July and in order to continue using the resources, colleges will need to sign a free licence agreement. The licence agreement will be available shortly and you’ll be able to find this on the Licence Subscription Manager.

If you do not sign this, your college’s access to the resources will end on 31st July 2021.

Want to learn more about our Vocational Learning Resources? Click below to watch our introductory webinar and demo:

Webinar 1 includes a demo on Education and Childcare (with a brief look at Digital and IT)

Webinar 2 includes a Construction (with a brief look at Digital and IT and Education and Childcare)

Monthly top users section postponed

As you may remember in our previous newsletter, we mentioned that we would be publishing the top users for our Vocational Learning Resources each month, starting in June. We do still intend to do this but as we’re now approaching summer, we’re postponing this until the next academic year.

We’re sorry for the confusion with this but, in the meantime, if you would like to receive your college’s usage statistics, you can request these by contacting

Top resources during free access period

Although we’ve postponed our top users until next academic year, we’ve taken a look at which resources have been the most popular during the free access period.

We hope you’ve enjoyed using the resources and that you’ll continue using them next year.

Share these top 10 lists with teaching staff! How many of these resources have they used?

Construction 🔨

Ranking Resource name
1 Advise clients and customers on sustainable construction activity
2 Health and safety in building services engineering activity
3 Electrical systems design activity
4 Assess, plan and monitor project methods and progress in construction activity
5 Principles of electrical science activity
6 Prepare drawings and schedules in construction activity
7 Implement contract work in construction activity
8 Develop and maintain working relationships and personal developments in construction activity
9 Prepare estimates, bids and tenders in construction activity
10 Energy in buildings for sustainable construction activity

Digital and IT 💻

Ranking Resource name
1 Data encryption activity
2 Business continuity activity
3 Enterprise technologies activity
4 Cloud technologies activity
5 Databases activity
6 Business continuity guide
7 Networking fundamentals activity
8 Set up e-commerce websites activity
9 Designing and planning communication networks activity
10 Software development fundamentals activity

Education and Childcare 👨‍🏫

Ranking Resource name
1 Apply theoretical perspectives and philosophical approaches to play activity
2 Child protection and safeguarding activity
3 Develop emergent literacy skills of children activity
4 Understand the context of supporting individuals with learning disabilities activity
5 Promote the health, safety and well-being of children in early years settings activity
6 Support children and young people’s health and safety activity
7 Develop children’s cognitive skills activity
8 Communication and professional relationships with children, young people and adults activity
9 Reflect on and improve own practice in learning and development activity
10 Diversity, equality and inclusion in early years settings activity

Health and Social Care 🩺

Ranking Resource name
1 Accessing information, advice and support about equality and inclusion guide
2 Applying person-centred approaches in health and social care guide
3 Applying person-centred approaches quiz
4 Working in partnership guide
5 Understanding working relationships in health and social care activity
6 Accessing support activity
7 Communicating effectively in the work setting activity
8 Evaluating own practice quiz
9 Basic principles and practice of advocacy, empowerment and active participation in relation to supporting individuals with learning disabilities and their families activity
10 Promoting equality and inclusion video

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