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Helen is the FE and skills curriculum service support officer.

e-books for FE April newsletter

Welcome to the April issue of our e-books for FE newsletter. A lot has changed since our last newsletter. Almost all of you will be working remotely, as are all of us here at Jisc, and dealing with unprecedented challenges. There won’t be any changes in how you access the e-books provided to you by Jisc, and … Read more

e-books for FE COVID-19 support webinar

The recording of the webinar from Wednesday 25th March is now available. We have collated all responses from attendees who shared some brilliant tips about what has worked well so far. You can read the transcript from the webinar here. Below is a summary of currently available free resources. For more information about these resources and … Read more

Expired e-book titles temporarily returning to e-books for FE

To support FE members with home-learning during the COVID-19 pandemic, several publishers have generously allowed us to have free access to 66 titles that have previously been included in the collection but have since expired. These titles will be available until 31st July 2020. To access the titles, simply search for the ISBNs on Ebook … Read more

Change to scheduled e-books for FE clinic

In light of the COVID-19 crisis, we are changing the focus of our planned e-books for FE webinar clinic which is scheduled to take place on Wednesday 25th March at 14.00. Instead of our scheduled tutorial, we are going to focus this webinar on the learning resources that Jisc have made available for free to … Read more

Jisc’s Vocational learning resources free until 31st July 2020

If you need to support your vocational learners to carry on learning from home, Jisc’s vocational learning resources provide coverage in the following subject areas: Construction ( Digital and IT ( Education and Childcare ( Hairdressing ( Health and social care ( Jisc is making these resources open and freely available to all schools, work-based … Read more

e-books for FE March newsletter

Welcome to the March issue of our e-books for FE newsletter. In this month’s newsletter, we’re thinking about sustainability! Winter is drawing to a close and spring is upon us. Up and down the country, trees are turning out new leaves and flowers are blossoming. It’s also the perfect time to encourage your students to start … Read more

e-books for FE January newsletter

Welcome to the January issue of our e-books for FE newsletter.  We hope you had a peaceful holiday and wish you a happy new year. This month’s newsletter contains the winner of December’s National Book Token, as well as the usual features and latest updates. National Book Token Competition December winner We are excited to … Read more