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With GCSE resits just around the corner, we know how important it is that students have easy access to high-quality revision materials. Our collection of GCSE English and maths titles contain student books, revision guides and revision workbooks mapped to the latest GCSE specifications. Many titles contain practice questions, complete with step-by-step guided answers and explanations. The collection covers all major awarding organisations. Many titles are endorsed by the relevant awarding organisation, so your learners can be sure they are getting reliable resources.

Anywhere, anytime

Our e-books can be accessed from any device, from anywhere, at anytime. Learners don’t need to worry about carrying heavy textbooks home, or having to access the e-books from college. Learners can access e-books from their own devices from the comfort of their own home, making them perfect revision tools.

Find the book that works for your learners

Learners revise in different ways. With our collection of over 30 curriculum-mapped e-books, you can find the right e-book for each learner. Encourage your learners to find the book that they find most engaging, and with the best resources to suit their needs.

Improve their chance of passing

Our books are differentiated to cover a range of abilities, but several of the titles are aimed specifically at foundation levels. These titles focus on achieving the pass grade. Encourage low-ability learners to use the right book for their level, so that they aren’t put off by challenging content.

Print practice questions from workbooks

Many of the titles are workbooks packed with practice questions. These can be printed and used for homework, or as starter activities in class. The titles below are workbooks packed with practice questions.

Title PrintISBN
AQA GCSE English Language Workbook 9781471833946
Revise English AQA workbook JISC Libr (B&W) 9781292229621
Revise English Edexcel GCSE workbook JISC Libr 9781447987895
REVISE WJEC Eduqas GCSE in English Language Revision Workbook 9781447987956

Create a virtual bookshelf to share with students

The Bookshelf is a function of ProQuest Ebook Centralâ„¢ that allows users to save books to their own virtual Bookshelf. This Bookshelf can then be shared with staff and learners to create a reading list for a certain course or subject. This means learners can easily access e-books for their qualification. Creating a bookshelf is easy. Watch the tutorial below to find out more.

Inform guardians

Guardians are often unaware of the range of resources available to support their children at home. If your organisation uses a text message home service, send a message home to remind them about these resources that learners can be using to revise at home.

Display our promotional posters

Increase the visibility of our GCSE titles in your classroom with our promotional posters. These are available for each GCSE subject and awarding organisations as PDFs or editable Word documents. To download the posters, please click the link below.

Promotional posters

For the complete list of titles in the GCSE collection, please click here.

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By Helen Foster

Open access support coordinator

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