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Vocational Learning Resources August Newsletter

Welcome to the August issue of the Vocational Learning Resources Newsletter. This month, we have a reminder about the VLR promotional materials available on our support site and a couple of upcoming Jisc events that may interest you.

Promotional Materials for VLRs

We hope that you have either already subscribed to our Vocational Learning Resources for the next academic year or will be doing so in the near future!

Remember, you can subscribe via Jisc’s Licence Subscriptions Manager (LSM) here: 

However, you may be wondering how best to promote our resources to staff and students and what types of promotional materials are available. Our support site is here to help: as well as practical information on how to use our resources, we also have a range of promotional materials that are free and available to use.

These include:

  • Posters to promote the benefits of using Jisc’s Vocational Learning Resources
  • Promotional video which offers an overview of key benefits and features of our services
  • Introductory webinars for our Construction Training and Digital and IT Training services
  • Welcome pack which can be downloaded in either PDF or Word format, printed off and shared with teaching practitioners

If you want to find out more, check out our support site.

Upcoming Jisc Events

Jisc have organised two events in September focusing on using digital learning content which you may be interested in attending. Both are free to attend but booking is required.

Introduction to Boclips Video Content on Wednesday 22 September 2021

Boclips enables educators to embed video content from over 300 video providers, including TED talks, the FT, Economist, the Smithsonian, Wall Street Journal and selected YouTube EDU channels, into teaching and learning materials.

This event will provide an introduction to Boclips Video Content and a demonstration of how the tool can be used, as well as time for any questions you might have.

Find out more here:

Introduction to Lucas-Nuelle training solutions on Wednesday 29 September 2021

Lucas-Nuelle provides blended learning solutions which are developed to teach electrical engineering. These are composed of the “LabSoft” platform with individually chosen interactive course packages plus the respective experimental hardware and are available for various educational levels.

This event will give you an introduction to Lucas-Nuelle and a demonstration of the products available.

Find out more here:

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