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Vocational Learning Resources January Newsletter

Welcome to the first VLR newsletter of 2022! This month we have a reminder about participation in our VLR redesign project and an update on Digifest 2022.

Final call for interviewees for VLR redesign project

As we’ve mentioned previously, we are currently looking at how we might redesign or develop our Vocational Learning Resources to add further value for our FE members.

We’ve been organising empathy interviews with FE teaching staff to discuss their experiences with using digital resources and any challenges they’ve faced and we will be reflecting on this feedback and incorporating it into our future design decisions.

We are aiming to complete our empathy interviews by Friday 4th February so if you are interested in getting involved, please contact to set up an interview. You can find some additional information on these interviews here.

Digifest 2022

Digifest 2022 is now free for members! The event will take place on 8th and 9th March and attendees can join either in person at the International Convention Centre in Birmingham or online for inspiration, insights and support as we consider the next stage in the evolution of learning.

Key themes for this year’s event include:

Changing for good: The pandemic created the positive momentum for digital transformation. How do we use it to create lasting change?

Working together: A post-pandemic learning experience must be personal and adaptive. How do we harness technology to improve teaching, assessment and the student experience to ensure every individual reaches their highest potential?

Shaping a sustainable future: Environmental, technological and social trends are reshaping how and where students choose to learn. How can the education sector shape its sustainable future?

If you’re interested in learning more and booking your free ticket, click here: Digifest 2022

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