Jisc FE Library/LRC study

Jisc are currently running an important piece of work on FE libraries/LRCs. The aim of the work is to get a better understanding of our FE members’ needs, priorities and challenges, so we can review how our products and services fit with your needs and establish where we can be of most help to you in the future. 


We know that technology is playing an increasingly important role within FE libraries/LRCs, so as part of this work we would like to invite you to complete our survey on FE library/LRC technology, which will help us understand more about the systems and technologies our FE members have in place.  


The survey will take between 10 and 30 minutes to complete and will be open until Wednesday 4th March.  If you would like a paper copy of the survey to share and discuss with colleagues for completion, please do contact me.  All participants who complete the survey will be given the opportunity to opt in to receiving an anonymised report of the findings. Please click on the link below to complete the survey.


If you are not the right person to answer this survey, we would be very grateful if you could share the link with the relevant person in your college. 

Your help and time is very much appreciated. 

By Helen Foster

Open access support coordinator

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